The Gimme Javascript Library

Taking the pain out of the Javascript

About Gimme

What is Gimme?

Gimme is a light-weight, speed-focused, ECMAScript (or Javascript if you prefer) Library, designed to make your life simple!

Gimme's prominent features:

Why use Gimme?

The same reasons you'd use any Javascript library really: To make life easier! To speed up development time, to reduce cross-browser headaches, to minimize code-bloat, to avoid "reinventing the wheel," and most importantly, to make programming Javascript fun again!

What makes Gimme better than any other Javascript library?

Nothing! It's not better, and I'll be the first to admit it. I didn't write Gimme to be "better" than anything else out there today. I wrote Gimme for three primary reasons:

  1. I like Javascript.
  2. I like sharing code with the developer community.
  3. I wanted a Javascript library for my own personal projects that I knew "inside and out."

Oh, and reason 3.5: I like reinventing the wheel. I realize most people don't, but I do. It's fun, and it helps me learn.

Source Code Licensing

The Gimme source code is free for the taking. Grab a copy, and hack it up to suite your needs (though you might not need to as Gimme has an extensibility model built right in). Even use the source as a jumping off point to start a project of your own!

The only major limitation placed on the "official" Gimme is that coding contributions from the community cannot be accepted at this time. However, feel free to send your comments, questions, suggestions and/or feature requests. If there is enough demand for a feature, changes are it will find it's way into an official release fairly quickly.